Chandralekha 16-10-2020 Sun TV Serial

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16-10-2020 Chanthralekha Sun TV Chanthralekha 16.10.2020 Tamil Serial Online | Chandra Lekha 16/10/2020 Sun TV Serial 16th October 2020
Watch Chandralekha Sun tv serials 16.10.20 | Sun TV serial Chandra Lekha 16/10/20 Latest Today Episode Online
Chandralekha 16-10-2020 Sun tv Serial | Sun Tv Chandra Lekha 16th October 2020
Directed By : Nimesh
Produced By : Saregama
Cast : Shwetha Bandekar, Nagasri, Meenakumari, Bhuvaneshwari, Surekha, Varun Mitra, Rishi, Sakshi Siva, Suresh Krishnamoorthy, Dubbing Janaki, Thyagarajan

Sun tv Serials, Chandralekha
Sun tv Serial Chandralekha 16th October 2020

Chandralekha is the story of two girls that were switched at birth. Chandra (Swetha Bandekar) was born to Vasundara Devi(Bhuvaneshwari) and Lekha (Nagasri) was born to Meena (Meenakumari). The two girls are switched and Vasundara ends up taking Lekha and Meena takes Chandra, but only Meena knows about the switch! As both girls grow, Meena continues to FILES Lekha but due to Vasundara’s greedy and rude character, Vasundara corrupts Lekha into a mini Vasundara Devi!When grown up Chandra becomes a editor for a newspaper and solves many problems in society! Lekha who follows in the footsteps of her mother uses money to cover up all her deeds! As time moves on, Chandra ends up being Lekha’s rival as Chandra starts to unravel Lekha’s deeds to the public!Vasundara hears of this and thinking Chandra is Meena’s daughter she tries to kill Chandra! Previously, Vasundara had separated Meena from her family because she was adopted and Vasundara didn’t want any of the family’s wealth going to Meena. Therefore, Vasundara and Meena had became enemies! Tactfully, Vasundara sets up goons to hit Chandra with a vehicle! The plan works out and Chandra is still in the hospital, still alive! Chandra is ready to make her next move.

Category: Tamil TV Serials, Chandralekha, Sun TV Serials,

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